LA VIE DORÉE is a statement from France meaning the golden life, but more than that it is also an expression of a lifestyle.

LEGRAND LA VIE DORÉE breaks the code of the Champagne heritage and embraces today’s culture. We toast not just to celebrate an occasion but to success and life. Our BRUT and ROSÉ are entirely designed and assembled with top-line materials from France. We created a piece of ART.

LEGRAND LA VIE DORÉE BRUT and ROSÉ are made with 24 Karats gold flakes, the purest form of gold. From gold bars to sparkling flakes, our gold comes from a French family of gold-beaters with 300 years of heritage. The gold bars are crushed and hammered into sheets, then reduced to tiny flakes of edible gold.

The delicate blending of the gold flakes takes place during the disgorging, dosing and corking of the bottles. A glass of LEGRAND LA VIE DORÉE is a unique privilege.